This year, discipleship has taken a bit of a new direction in R.O.P.E. Instead of “Reaching OUR┬áPeople Effectively,” we will be “Reach OTHER People Effectively.” Years ago, I was involved in an adult literacy program where the moto was “Each One Teach One.” This really stuck with me. Too often we feel overwhelmed with the task of disciplining because we think it has to be done on a big scale, so we leave it up to pastors because they have the audience.runners-635906_1280

What if, instead, each one of us asked the Lord to give us one person to pour our lives into for a time with the expectation that that person will do the same for someone else? Each one teach one. This is how disciples are developed.

This year, we will use this pattern. We already have a group of people that have begun the journey of learning to disciple; each have discovered more about what God has for them as their personal ministry. I am confident each will disciple disciples in those ministries to share the Gospel!

west-826947_960_720Each One Teach One!

Tonya Reid, Discipleship Ministry Director.




For more information regarding our R.O.P.E. Groups, please contact the church via email or phone:

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