Mission Statement: Make Disciples, Commit to Christ, Develop for Ministry

2 Timothy 4:2,5


Make Disciples

The word “disciple” means student or learner. We believe it is the call of God on our lives to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with those who have not heard it and with those who need to hear it again. As those who hear respond in faith to follow the teachings of Jesus, disciples are made.

compass-dictionaryCommit to Christ

It is imperative that those who become disciples grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord; we cannot be satisfied with people just becoming a disciple. We desire to help them commit their lives to living in a way that honors Jesus Christ. We do that by teaching what the Bible tells us concerning the way we should live.

Develop for Ministry 

Once a disciple shows evidence that they are committed to living a life for Christ, we strive to help them discover how the Lord desires them to serve. Ministry is serving others in various ways, and our aim is to help each disciple find their place of ministry in God’s work. We do this by helping them discover what their gifts are and the many ways in which the Bible tell us to serve others.